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Who We Are

Geospatial Research International - GRI is global Consultancy firm focused on the applications of Geospatial Technologies on Natural Resource Management (Environment, Water, land), Agriculture and Community Development services. GRI is a duly registered Company in Kenya in accordance with the Companies Act under the Women Category Special Groups.

The adoption of the Millennium Development Goals, drawn from the United Nations Millennium Declaration was a seminal event in the history of the globe that constituted unprecedented promise by the world leaders to address as a single package the burning issues of peace, security, development, human rights and fundamental freedoms. It is in line with this that GRI has a main goal to employ the use of modern Geospatial technology to assist players conform to, and address developmental issues across Sub-Saharan Africa towards sustainability.

The company uses a global delivery model in GIS and Remote Sensing application in providing solutions in day to day challenges and it offers a wide range of services commensurate with in-house expertise. The company boasts of seasoned professionals that bring together multi-disciplinary, multi-national experts from both academia and consultancy backgrounds, who have many years of experience and committed to giving excellent services to its clients.

The world of innovation is our laboratory and no matter where discovery takes place; GRI researchers and professionals push the boundaries of science, technology and business ideas to solve real challenges. GRI is a global community of forward-thinkers working towards a common goal- PROGRESS

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To offer cutting edge technological solutions in the fields of Agriculture, Environment & Climate Change, Natural Resource Management, Community Development, and business services all geared towards enhanced productivity and sustainable livelihoods.


To be a premier and preferred world class consulting firm in embracing technology to offer professional services in Agriculture, Environment & Climate Change, Natural Resource Management, Community Development, and business services

Our Values

Innovation: We redefine happening discoveries by stepping outside of the laboratory and challenging the status quo to solve complex problems through latest geospatial technology applications

Professionalism: Our conduct, aims, and qualities characterize our competencies and passion for engagements with clients

Respect: We uphold respect for our clients and stakeholders

Honesty: We adhere to the facts and observe fairness and straightforwardness in our conduct

Accuracy: Our communication and reporting conform to truth and exactness

Timeliness: We deliver on time