Core Competence

Geospatial Research International

Our Core Competence

i) Horizontal and vertical integration of satellite/aerial Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GPS Applications, Geo-databases, GIS Applications, GIS web-services, GIS Portals and Enterprise GIS solutions for the delivery of state of the art platforms for proper decision making in management of resources.

ii) Seamless integration of spatial technology and conventional IT solutions in Agriculture, Environment & Climate Change, Natural Resource Management, Land administration, Urban & rural planning, Market analysis, Demography, Community Development among other application areas.

iii) Hosting, archiving and maintenance of current remote sensing and GIS data content generation facilities for mapping from aerial and satellite images, photogrammetry systems, GPS systems and a variety of IT infrastructure.

iv) Engagement of highly skilled, multi-disciplinary and competent team of technocrats and scientists from different Nationalities and backgrounds, having rich experience in GIS, Remote Sensing and allied disciplines; - professionals who are committed to the goal of our vision.