Environment Services

Geospatial Research International

Environment Services

1: Land use and land cover mapping
  • Satellite imagery processing and interpretation

  • Land use Land cover change detection and trend analysis

  • Species mapping

2: Climate change
  • Green House Gas Inventory Development

  • Green House Gas Mitigation options

  • Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation

  • Climate Change Education and Awareness

3: Water resource management and mapping
  • Hydrological modeling

  • Service Area Mapping for Water Service Providers

  • Watershed/catchment characterization and mapping

  • Ground water mapping

  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Audits

4: Dry land resource management mapping


5: Land degradation assessment and mapping


6: Bio-diversity management
  • Biodiversity vulnerability mapping

  • Forest mapping

7: Environmental disaster forecasting, management and early warning Systems
  • Fire mapping

  • Flood mapping

  • Drought mapping

  • Frost mapping

  • Locust mapping

8: Natural Resource Management
  • Natural Resource Mapping

  • Natural Resource Inventory Development

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